Complete Java Bundle 2020

Learn functional programming in Java 8, unit testing with JUnit and Mockito and building Java projects with Apache Maven

Get 3 foundational courses together and accelerate your Java learning today!

We're proud to offer you a bundle of 3 of our bestselling Java courses together!  This includes:

  • Mastering Java 8 Fundamentals - learn all about how to harness the power of lambda expressions, streams and pipeline processing, optionals, functional interfaces and more!
  • JUnit and Mockito Unit Testing for Java Developers - learn all about how to write professional unit tests for your production Java code using the top 2 testing frameworks in the industry - by the end you'll know all about how to use mock objects to write top notch tests!
  • Apache Maven Essentials - learn all about the number one biuld tool for Java projects and see how Maven's dependency management, build lifecycle and plugins work together to be able to build better Java projects!
This offer is only available on the JavaEasily platform - so jump start your Java knowledge today and enrol now!

I can't wait to see you inside! ;)

Matt Speake

Principal instructor at JavaEasily teaching all about different aspects of Java tech for beginners and intermediate developers.  

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